Andrew is a renowned presenter, moderator and keynote speaker, frequently invited to address audiences at tourism and hospitality conferences, events, trade shows and seminars; offering his first-hand expertise in recruitment, staff retention and delivery of HR best practices.


He is a passionate Travel, Tourism & Hospitality professional, experienced in helping companies formulate human capital strategies which aligns to commercial objectives and yields profitable results.

Andrew is the Founder & CEO of ACI HR Solutions, the region's largest recruitment agency dedicated to the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality sector; he was most recently recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year at Recruitment International Awards - Australia 2016.

Andrew's strategies enable companies to:

• Attract more qualified candidates    

• Create diversity within multinational organisations

• Bridge generation gaps

• Reduce staff attrition and increase retention

• Implement training programs with measurable returns

The War For Talent

"Poor staff engagement is a major threat facing all industries, its importance will only magnify as the war for talent continues to make an impact. Staff retention is a serious issue and starts at the top. Industry leaders must invest time to address the employee attachment factor if they are to keep employees fully engaged within their organisation."

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Generation Y

The secret of cutting attrition is to acknowledge there truly is a difference between generations and making an effort to understand those differences. If you don't understand them, it will cost your company serious money... and that should be motivation enough!